Solving information loss paradox via Euclidean path integral

Kavli Affiliate: Misao Sasaki

| First 5 Authors: Pisin Chen, Misao Sasaki, Dong-han Yeom, Junggi Yoon,

| Summary:

The information loss paradox associated with black hole Hawking evaporation
is an unresolved problem in modern theoretical physics. In this paper, we
revisit the entanglement entropy via the Euclidean path integral (EPI) of the
quantum state and allow for the branching of semi-classical histories along the
Lorentzian evolution. We posit that there exist at least two histories that
contribute to EPI, where one is an information-losing history while the other
is information-preserving. At early times, the former dominates EPI, while at
late times the latter becomes dominant. By so doing we recover the essence of
the Page curve and thus the unitarity, albeit with the turning point, i.e., the
Page time, much shifted toward the late time. One implication of this modified
Page curve is that the entropy bound may thus be violated. We comment on the
similarity and difference between our approach and that of the replica
wormholes and the island conjecture.

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