Interpretable contrastive word mover’s embedding

Kavli Affiliate: Eric Miller

| First 5 Authors: Ruijie Jiang, Julia Gouvea, Eric Miller, David Hammer, Shuchin Aeron

| Summary:

This paper shows that a popular approach to the supervised embedding of
documents for classification, namely, contrastive Word Mover’s Embedding, can
be significantly enhanced by adding interpretability. This interpretability is
achieved by incorporating a clustering promoting mechanism into the contrastive
loss. On several public datasets, we show that our method improves
significantly upon existing baselines while providing interpretation to the
clusters via identifying a set of keywords that are the most representative of
a particular class. Our approach was motivated in part by the need to develop
Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods for the textit{novel problem of
assessing student work for scientific writing and thinking} – a problem that is
central to the area of (educational) Learning Sciences (LS). In this context,
we show that our approach leads to a meaningful assessment of the student work
related to lab reports from a biology class and can help LS researchers gain
insights into student understanding and assess evidence of scientific thought

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