Retesting the no-hair theorem with GW150914

Kavli Affiliate: Ke Wang

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For a distorted black hole (BH), its ringdown waveform is a superposition of
quasi-normal modes (QNMs). In general relativity (GR), the lower order QNM
frequencies and damping rates can be well approximated by a polynomial of BH’s
dimensionless spin and overall scaled by BH’s mass. That is to say, we can test
the no-hair theorem of BH in GR model-independently by allowing not only an
overall fractional deviation (as M. Isi {it et al.} did) but also a set of
fractional deviation for every coefficient. In the paper, we will apply the
latter method to retest the no-hair theorem with GW150914 and probe hairs’
behaviors if hairs exist. Eventually, we find the data favors GR.

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