Operating semiconductor quantum processors with hopping spins

Kavli Affiliate: Menno Veldhorst

| First 5 Authors: Chien-An Wang, Valentin John, Hanifa Tidjani, C├ęcile X. Yu, Alexander Ivlev

| Summary:

Qubits that can be efficiently controlled are pivotal in the development of
scalable quantum hardware. Resonant control is commonly embraced to execute
high-fidelity quantum gates but demands integration of high-frequency
oscillating signals and results in qubit crosstalk and heating. Establishing
quantum control based on discrete signals could therefore result in a paradigm
shift. This may be accomplished with single-spin semiconductor qubits, if one
can engineer hopping spins between quantum dots with site-dependent spin
quantization axis. Here, we introduce hopping-based universal quantum logic and
obtain single-qubit gate fidelities of 99.97%, coherent shuttling fidelities of
99.992%, and two-qubit gates fidelities of 99.3%, corresponding to error rates
that have been predicted to allow for quantum error correction. We demonstrate
that hopping spins also constitute an elegant tuning method by statistically
mapping the coherence of a 10-quantum dot system. These results motivate dense
quantum dot arrays with sparse occupation for efficient and high-connectivity
qubit registers.

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