The Effectiveness of Security Interventions on GitHub

Kavli Affiliate: Felix Fischer

| First 5 Authors: Felix Fischer, Jonas Höbenreich, Jens Grossklags, ,

| Summary:

Since 2017, GitHub has been the first online open source platform to show
security warnings to its users. It has since introduced further security
interventions to help developers improve the security of their open source
software. In this study, we investigate and compare the effects of these
interventions. We perform time series analysis of security-altering commits to
infer the causal effects of the interventions. Our analysis shows that while
all of GitHub’s security interventions have a significant positive effect on
security, they differ greatly in their effect size. By comparing the design of
each intervention, we identify the building blocks that worked well and those
that did not. We also provide recommendations on how practitioners can improve
the design of their interventions to enhance their effectiveness.

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