Silencing neuroinflammatory reactive astrocyte activating factors ameliorates disease outcomes in perinatal white matter injury

Kavli Affiliate: David Rowitch

| Authors: Patricia Renz, Daniel Surbek, Valérie Haesler, Vera Tscherrig, Eric J Huang, Manideep Chavali, Shane Liddelow, David Rowitch, Andreina Schoeberlein and Amanda Brosius Lutz

| Summary:

The role of reactive astrocytes in perinatal white matter injury (WMI) is unclear. In a mouse model of WMI, we provide evidence that impairing the formation of a C3-expressing neuroinflammatory reactive astrocyte sub-state rescues myelination and behavioral deficits. We further demonstrate the presence of C3-expressing reactive astrocytes in human WMI. Our data point to these cells as putative drivers of myelination failure in WMI and a potentially promising therapeutic target.

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