Narrow-Path, Dynamic Walking Using Integrated Posture Manipulation and Thrust Vectoring

Kavli Affiliate: Morteza Gharib

| First 5 Authors: Kaushik Venkatesh Krishnamurthy, Chenghao Wang, Shreyansh Pitroda, Adarsh Salagame, Eric Sihite

| Summary:

This research concentrates on enhancing the navigational capabilities of
Northeastern Universitys Husky, a multi-modal quadrupedal robot, that can
integrate posture manipulation and thrust vectoring, to traverse through narrow
pathways such as walking over pipes and slacklining. The Husky is outfitted
with thrusters designed to stabilize its body during dynamic walking over these
narrow paths. The project involves modeling the robot using the HROM (Husky
Reduced Order Model) and developing an optimal control framework. This
framework is based on polynomial approximation of the HROM and a collocation
approach to derive optimal thruster commands necessary for achieving dynamic
walking on narrow paths. The effectiveness of the modeling and control design
approach is validated through simulations conducted using Matlab.

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