Photon statistics analysis of h-BN quantum emitters with pulsed and continuous-wave excitation

Kavli Affiliate: Harry A. Atwater

| First 5 Authors: Hamidreza Akbari, Pankaj K. Jha, Kristina Malinowski, Benjamin E. C. Koltenbah, Harry A. Atwater

| Summary:

We report on the quantum photon statistics of hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN)
quantum emitters by analyzing the Mandel Q parameter. We have measured the
Mandel Q parameter for h-BN quantum emitters under various temperatures and
pump power excitation conditions. Under pulsed excitation we can achieve a
Mandel Q of -0.002 and under continuous-wave (CW) excitation this parameter can
reach -0.0025. We investigate the effect of cryogenic temperatures on Mandel Q
and conclude that the photon statistics vary weakly with temperature. Through
calculation of spontaneous emission from an excited two-level emitter model, we
demonstrate good agreement between measured and calculated Mandel Q parameter
when accounting for the experimental photon collection efficiency. Finally, we
illustrate the usefulness of Mandel Q in quantum applications by the example of
random number generation and analyze the effect of Mandel Q on the speed of
generating random bits via this method.

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