Impact of spin-entropy on the thermoelectric properties of a 2D magnet

Kavli Affiliate: Herre S. J. Van Der Zant

| First 5 Authors: Alessandra Canetta, Serhii Volosheniuk, Sayooj Satheesh, José Pedro Alvarinhas Batista, Aloïs Castellano

| Summary:

Heat-to-charge conversion efficiency of thermoelectric materials is closely
linked to the entropy per charge carrier. Thus, magnetic materials are
promising building blocks for highly efficient energy harvesters, as their
carrier entropy is boosted by a spin degree of freedom. In this work, we
investigate how this spin entropy impacts heat-to-charge conversion in A-type
antiferromagnet CrSBr. We perform simultaneous measurements of electrical
conductance and thermocurrent while changing magnetic order using temperature
and magnetic field as tuning parameters. We find a strong enhancement of the
thermoelectric power factor around the N’eel temperature. We further reveal
that the power factor at low temperature can be increased by up to 600% upon
applying a magnetic field. Our results demonstrate that the thermoelectric
properties of 2D magnets can be optimized by exploiting the sizeable impact of
spin entropy and confirm thermoelectric measurements as a sensitive tool to
investigate subtle magnetic phase transitions in low-dimensional magnets.

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