Resolving chiral transitions in Rydberg arrays with quantum Kibble-Zurek mechanism and finite-time scaling

Kavli Affiliate: Natalia Chepiga

| First 5 Authors: Jose Soto Garcia, Natalia Chepiga, , ,

| Summary:

The experimental realization of the quantum Kibble-Zurek mechanism in arrays
of trapped Rydberg atoms has brought the problem of commensurate-incommensurate
transition back into the focus of active research. Relying on equilibrium
simulations of finite intervals, direct chiral transitions at the boundary of
the period-3 and period-4 phases have been predicted. Here, we study how these
chiral transitions can be diagnosed experimentally with critical dynamics. We
demonstrate that chiral transitions can be distinguished from the floating
phases by comparing Kibble-Zurek dynamics on arrays with different numbers of
atoms. Furthermore, by sweeping in the opposite direction and keeping track of
the order parameter, we identify the location of conformal points. Finally,
combining forward and backward sweeps, we extract all critical exponents
characterizing the transition.

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