Perisaccadic and Attentional Remapping of Receptive Fields in Lateral Intraparietal Area and Frontal Eye Fields

Kavli Affiliate: Michael Goldberg

| Authors: Xiao Wang, Cong Zhang, Lin Yang, Min Jin, Michael E Goldberg, Mingsha Zhang and Ning Qian

| Summary:

The nature and function of perisaccadic receptive-field (RF) remapping have been controversial. We used a delayed saccade task to reduce previous confounds and examined the remapping time course in areas LIP and FEF. In the delay period, the RF shift direction turned from the initial fixation to the saccade target. In the perisaccadic period, RFs first shifted toward the target (convergent remapping) but around the time of saccade onset/offset, the shifts became predominantly toward the post-saccadic RF locations (forward remapping). Thus, unlike forward remapping that depends on the corollary discharge (CD) of the saccade command, convergent remapping appeared to follow attention from the initial fixation to the target. We modelled the data with attention-modulated and CD-gated connections, and showed that both sets of connections emerged automatically in neural networks trained to update stimulus retinal locations across saccades. Our work thus unifies previous findings into a mechanism for transsaccadic visual stability.

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