Fully scalable randomized benchmarking without motion reversal

Kavli Affiliate: Birgitta Whaley

| First 5 Authors: Jordan Hines, Daniel Hothem, Robin Blume-Kohout, Birgitta Whaley, Timothy Proctor

| Summary:

We introduce binary randomized benchmarking (BiRB), a protocol that
streamlines traditional RB by using circuits consisting almost entirely of
i.i.d. layers of gates. BiRB reliably and efficiently extracts the average
error rate of a Clifford gate set by sending tensor product eigenstates of
random Pauli operators though random circuits with i.i.d. layers. Unlike
existing RB methods, BiRB does not use motion reversal circuits — i.e.,
circuits that implement the identity (or a Pauli) operator — which simplifies
both the method and the theory proving its reliability. Furthermore, this
simplicity enables scaling BiRB to many more qubits than the most widely-used
RB methods.

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