Towards robust PICOSEC Micromegas precise timing detectors

Kavli Affiliate: Yi Zhou

| First 5 Authors: Marta Lisowska, Yannis Angelis, Stephan Aune, Jonathan Bortfeldt, Florian Brunbauer

| Summary:

The PICOSEC Micromegas (MM) detector is a precise timing gaseous detector
consisting of a Cherenkov radiator combined with a photocathode and a MM
amplifying structure. A 100-channel non-resistive PICOSEC MM prototype with
10×10 cm^2 active area equipped with a Cesium Iodide (CsI) photocathode
demonstrated a time resolution below 18 ps. The objective of this work is to
improve the PICOSEC MM detector robustness aspects; i.e. integration of
resistive MM and carbon-based photocathodes; while maintaining good time
resolution. The PICOSEC MM prototypes have been tested in laboratory conditions
and successfully characterised with 150 GeV/c muon beams at the CERN SPS H4
beam line. The excellent timing performance below 20 ps for an individual pad
obtained with the 10×10 cm^2 area resistive PICOSEC MM of 20 MOhm/sq showed no
significant time resolution degradation as a result of adding a resistive
layer. A single-pad prototype equipped with a 12 nm thick Boron Carbide (B4C)
photocathode presented a time resolution below 35 ps; opening up new
possibilities for detectors with robust photocathodes. The results made the
concept more suitable for the experiments in need of robust detectors with good
time resolution.

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