Blind Search of The Solar Neighborhood Galactic Disk within 5kpc: 1,179 new Star clusters found in Gaia DR3

Kavli Affiliate: Feng Wang

| Authors: Huanbin Chi, Feng Wang, Wenting Wang, Hui Deng, Zhongmu Li

| Summary:

Studying open clusters (OCs) is essential for a comprehensive understanding
of the structure and evolution of the Milky Way. Many previous studies have
systematically searched for OCs near the solar system within 1.2 kpc or 20
degrees of galactic latitude. However, few studies searched for OCs at higher
galactic latitudes and deeper distances. In this study, based on a hybrid
unsupervised clustering algorithm (Friends-of-Friends and pyUPMASK) and a
binary classification algorithm (Random Forest), we extended the search region
(i.e., galactic latitude |b|>=20 degrees) and performed a fine-grained blind
search of Galactic clusters in Gaia DR3. After cross-matching, the newly
discovered cluster candidates are fitted using isochrone fitting to estimate
the main physical parameters (age and metallicity) of these clusters. These
cluster candidates were then checked using manual visual inspection. Their
statistical properties were compared with previously exposed cluster catalogs
as well. In the end, we found 1,179 new clusters with considerable confidence
within 5kpc.

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