Performant web-based interactive visualization tool for spatially-resolved transcriptomics experiments

Kavli Affiliate: Keri Martinowich

| Authors: Chaichontat Sriworarat, Annie B. Nguyen, Nicholas J. Eagles, Leonardo Collado-Torres, Keri Martinowich, Kristen R. Maynard and Stephanie C. Hicks

| Summary:

High-resolution and multiplexed imaging techniques are giving us an increasingly detailed observation of a biological system. However, sharing, exploring, and customizing the visualization of large multidimensional images can be a challenge. Here, we introduce Loopy Browser, a performant and interactive image visualization tool that runs completely in the web browser. Loopy Browser is specifically designed for fast image visualization and annotation and enables users to browse through large images and their selected features within seconds of receiving a link. We demonstrate the broad utility of Loopy Browser with images generated with two platforms: Vizgen MERFISH and 10x Genomics Visium Spatial Gene Expression. Loopy Browser along with example datasets is available at

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