Solaris: A Focused Solar Polar Discovery-class Mission to achieve the Highest Priority Heliophysics Science Now

Kavli Affiliate: J. Todd Hoeksema

| First 5 Authors: Donald M. Hassler, Sarah E Gibson, Jeffrey S Newmark, Nicholas A. Featherstone, Lisa Upton

| Summary:

Solaris is a transformative Solar Polar Discovery-class mission concept to
address crucial outstanding questions that can only be answered from a polar
vantage. Solaris will image the Sun’s poles from ~75 degree latitude, providing
new insight into the workings of the solar dynamo and the solar cycle, which
are at the foundation of our understanding of space weather and space climate.
Solaris will also provide enabling observations for improved space weather
research, modeling and prediction, revealing a unique, new view of the corona,
coronal dynamics and CME eruptions from above.

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