Towards Hodge Theoretic Characterizations of 2d Rational SCFTs: II

Kavli Affiliate: Taizan Watari

| First 5 Authors: Masaki Okada, Taizan Watari, , ,

| Summary:

A characterization of rational superconformal field theories (SCFTs) on 1+1
dimensions with Ricci-flat Kahler targets was proposed by S. Gukov and C. Vafa
in terms of the Hodge structure of the target space. The article
[arXiv:2205.10299] refined this idea and extracted a set of necessary
conditions for a $T^4$-target N=(1,1) SCFT to be rational; only a partial
effort was made, however, to study whether it also constitutes a sufficient
condition. It turns out that the set of conditions in [arXiv:2205.10299] is not
sufficient, and that it becomes a set of necessary and sufficient conditions by
adding one more condition in the case of $T^4$. The Strominger–Yau–Zaslow
fibration in the mirror correspondence plays an essential role there. At the
end, we also propose a refined version of Gukov–Vafa’s idea for general
Ricci-flat Kahler target spaces.

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