Switchable moiré potentials in ferroelectric WTe2/WSe2 superlattices

Kavli Affiliate: Jie Shan

| First 5 Authors: Kaifei Kang, Wenjin Zhao, Yihang Zeng, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi

| Summary:

Moir’e materials, with superlattice periodicity many times the atomic length
scale, have enabled the studies of strong electronic correlations and band
topology with unprecedented tunability. However, nonvolatile control of the
moir’e potentials, which could allow on-demand switching of the superlattice
effects, has not been achieved to date. Here we demonstrate the switching of
the correlated and moir’e band insulating states and the associated nonlinear
anomalous Hall effect by the ferroelectric effect. This is achieved in a
ferroelectric WTe2 bilayer of the Td structure with a centered-rectangular
moir’e superlattice induced by interfacing with a WSe2 monolayer of the H
structure. The results can be understood in terms of polarization-dependent
charge transfer between two WTe2 monolayers, which possess very different
moir’e potential depths; ferroelectric switching thus turns on/off the
superlattice. Our study demonstrates the potential of creating new functional
moir’e materials by incorporating intrinsic symmetry-breaking orders.

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