Real-time 3D analysis during electron tomography using tomviz

Kavli Affiliate: David Muller

| First 5 Authors: Jonathan Schwartz, Chris Harris, Jacob Pietryga, Huihuo Zheng Prashant Kumar, Anastasia Visheratina

| Summary:

The demand for high-throughput electron tomography is rapidly increasing in
biological and material sciences. However, this 3D imaging technique is
computationally bottlenecked by alignment and reconstruction which runs from
hours to days. We demonstrate real-time tomography with dynamic 3D tomographic
visualization to enable rapid interpretation of specimen structure immediately
as data is collected on an electron microscope. Using geometrically complex
chiral nanoparticles, we show volumetric interpretation can begin in less than
10 minutes and a high quality tomogram is available within 30 minutes. Real
time tomography is integrated into tomviz, an open source and cross platform 3D
analysis tool that contains intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUI) to enable
any scientist to characterize biological and material structure in 3D.

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