Direct Dark Matter Search with XMASS-I

Kavli Affiliate: Masaki Yamashita

| First 5 Authors: Masaki Yamashita, , , ,

| Summary:

XMASS-I uses single phase liquid xenon technology for aiming at the direct
detection of dark matter. The detector observes only scintillation light by 2
inch 642 PMTs which are placed in sphere shape around an active volume. With
its large mass target and high photoelectron yield, we conducted a search for
dark matter by annual modulation with 832 kg $times$ 359.2 days exposure of
data. We find no modulation signal in the data so that we set an upper limit
4.3$times10^{-41} rm{cm}^{2} $ at WIMP mass of 8 GeV/$c^{2}$ which excluded
an interpreted DAMA/LIBRA allowed region.

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