Ultrastable frequency reference at 1.56 μm using a CO molecular overtone transition with the noise immune cavity-enhanced optical heterodyne molecular spectroscopy method

Kavli Affiliate: Robert Byer

| First 5 Authors: Shailendar Saraf, Paul Berceau, Alberto Stochino, Robert Byer, John Lipa

| Summary:

We report on an ultrastable molecular clock based on the interrogation of the
3{nu} rotational-vibrational combination band at 1563nm of carbon monoxide
12C16O. The laser stabilization scheme is based on frequency modulation (FM)
saturation spectroscopy in a high-finesse ultra-low expansion (ULE) glass
optical cavity using CO as the molecular reference for longterm stabilization
of the cavity resonance. The NICEOHMS FM modulation method is employed to
maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio and avoid conversion of laser frequency
noise into amplitude noise by the high finesse cavity. We report an Allan
Deviation of 1.8×10-12 at 1 second that improves to 3.5×10-14 after 1000
seconds of averaging.

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