Cryogenic Focus Measurement System for a Wide-Field Infrared Space Telescope

Kavli Affiliate: James Bock

| First 5 Authors: Samuel S. Condon, Stephen Padin, James Bock, Howard Hui, Phillip Korngut

| Summary:

We describe a technique for measuring focus errors in a cryogenic,
wide-field, near-infrared space telescope. The measurements are made with a
collimator looking through a large vacuum window, with a reflective cold filter
to reduce background thermal infrared loading on the detectors and optics. For
the $300textrm{ mm}$ diameter aperture $f/3$ space telescope, SPHEREx, we
achieve a focus position measurement with $sim ! 5textrm{ }mu textrm{m
statistical}$ and $sim ! 15 textrm{ }mu textrm{m systematic}$ error.

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