Forecast of joint analysis of cosmic shear and supernovae magnification from CSST and LSST

Kavli Affiliate: Hu Zhan

| First 5 Authors: Ye Cao, Bin Hu, Ji Yao, Hu Zhan,

| Summary:

Cosmic shear and cosmic magnification reflect the same gravitational lensing
field. Each of these two probes are affected by different systematics. We study
the auto- and cross-correlations of the cosmic shear from the China Space
Survey Telescope (CSST) and cosmic magnification of supernovae from Large
Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST). We want to answer, to what extent, by adding
the magnification data we can remove the systematic bias in cosmic shear
measurement. We generate the mock shear/magnification maps based on the
correlation between of different tomographic bins. After obtaining the
corrected power spectra, we adopt the Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) technique
to fit the theoretical models, and investigate the constraints on the
cosmological and nuisance parameters. We find that the with only cosmic shear
data, there are $1sigma$ bias in $sigma_8$ and intrinsic alignment model
parameters. By adding the magnification data, we are able to remove these
biases perfectly.

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