Effect of Noise Estimation in Time-Domain Ringdown Analysis: A Case Study with GW150914

Kavli Affiliate: Lijing Shao

| First 5 Authors: Hai-Tian Wang, Lijing Shao, , ,

| Summary:

Accurate noise estimation from gravitational wave (GW) data is critical for
Bayesian inference. However, recent studies on ringdown signal, such as those
by Isi et al. [1], Cotesta et al. [2], and Isi and Farr [3], have encountered
disagreement in noise estimation, leading to inconsistent results. The key
discrepancy between these studies lies in the usage of different noise
estimation methods, augmented by the usage of different sampling rates. We
achieved consistent results across various sampling rates by correctly managing
noise estimation, shown in the case study of the GW150914 ringdown signal. By
conducting a time-domain Bayesian inference analysis on GW data, starting from
the peak of the signal, we discovered that the first overtone mode is weakly
supported by the amplitude distribution, with a confidence level of
$1.6{sigma}$, and is slightly disfavored by the log-Bayes factor. Overall, in
our time-domain analysis we conclude there is no strong evidence for overtones
in GW150914.

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