Full-dry flipping transfer method for van der Waals heterostructure

Kavli Affiliate: Joseph Falson

| First 5 Authors: Dohun Kim, Soyun Kim, Yanni Cho, Jaesung Lee, Kenji Watanabe

| Summary:

We present a novel flipping transfer method for van der Waals
heterostructures, offering a significant advancement over previous techniques
by eliminating the need for polymers and solvents. Here, we utilize
commercially available gel film and control its stickiness through oxygen
plasma and UV-Ozone treatment, also effectively removing residues from the gel
film surface. The cleanliness of the surface is verified through atomic force
microscopy. We investigate the quality of our fabricated devices using
magnetotransport measurements on graphene/hBN and graphene/{alpha}-RuCl3
heterostructures. Remarkably,graphene/hBN devices produced with the flipping
method display quality similar to that of fully encapsulated devices. This is
evidenced by the presence of a symmetry-broken state at 1 T. Additionally,
features of the Hofstadter butterfly were also observed in the second devices.
In the case of graphene/{alpha}-RuCl3, we observe quantum oscillations with a
beating mode and two-channel conduction, consistent with fully encapsulated

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