Towards LLM-based Fact Verification on News Claims with a Hierarchical Step-by-Step Prompting Method

Kavli Affiliate: Wei Gao

| First 5 Authors: Xuan Zhang, Wei Gao, , ,

| Summary:

While large pre-trained language models (LLMs) have shown their impressive
capabilities in various NLP tasks, they are still under-explored in the
misinformation domain. In this paper, we examine LLMs with in-context learning
(ICL) for news claim verification, and find that only with 4-shot demonstration
examples, the performance of several prompting methods can be comparable with
previous supervised models. To further boost performance, we introduce a
Hierarchical Step-by-Step (HiSS) prompting method which directs LLMs to
separate a claim into several subclaims and then verify each of them via
multiple questions-answering steps progressively. Experiment results on two
public misinformation datasets show that HiSS prompting outperforms
state-of-the-art fully-supervised approach and strong few-shot ICL-enabled

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