Overview and First Results of EUSO-SPB2

Kavli Affiliate: Angela V. Olinto

| First 5 Authors: Johannes Eser, Angela V. Olinto, Lawrence Wiencke, ,

| Summary:

Observing ultra-high energy cosmic rays (UHECR) and very high energy (VHE)
neutrinos from space is a promising way to measure their extremely low fluxes
by significantly increasing the observed volume. The Extreme Universe Space
Observatory on a Super Pressure Balloon 2 (EUSO-SPB2), the next, most advanced
pathfinder for such a mission, was launched May 13th 2023 from Wanaka New
Zealand. The pioneering EUSO-SPB2 payload flew a Fluorescence Telescope (FT)
with a PMT camera pointed in nadir to record fluorescence light from cosmic ray
extensive air shower (EAS) with energies above 1 EeV, and a Cherenkov telescope
(CT) with a silicon photomultiplier focal surface for observing Cherenkov
emission of cosmic ray EAS with energies above 1 PeV with an above-the-limb
geometry and of PeV-scale EAS initiated by neutrino-sourced tau decay. As the
CT is a novel instrument, optical background measurements for space neutrino
observation are an important goal of the mission. Any data collected during the
mission will influence and improve the development of a space-based
multi-messenger observatory such as the Probe of Extreme Multi-Messenger
Astrophysics (POEMMA). We present an overview of the EUSO-SPB2 mission and its
science goals and summarize results as available, from the 2023 flight.

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