Room temperature optically detected magnetic resonance of single spins in GaN

Kavli Affiliate: Gregory D. Fuchs

| First 5 Authors: Jialun Luo, Yifei Geng, Farhan Rana, Gregory D. Fuchs,

| Summary:

Optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) is an efficient mechanism to
readout the spin of solid-state color centers at room temperature, thus
enabling spin-based quantum sensors of magnetic field, electric field, and
temperature with high sensitivity and broad commercial applicability. The
mechanism of room temperature ODMR is based on spin-dependent relaxation
between the optically excited states to the ground states, and thus it is an
intrinsic property of a defect center. In this work we report that two distinct
defect types exist in GaN based on their ODMR signatures. One group has small
negative ODMR based on a spin in a metastable state. The second group has large
(up to $sim$30%) positive ODMR contrast based on ground-state spin. Because
GaN is a mature semiconductor with well-developed electronic technologies
already developed, this defect platform is promising for integrated quantum
sensing applications.

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