Structural, optical, and thermal properties of BN thin films grown on diamond via pulsed laser deposition

Kavli Affiliate: Zhiting Tian

| First 5 Authors: Abhijit Biswas, Gustavo A. Alvarez, Tao Li, Joyce Christiansen-Salameh, Eugene Jeong

| Summary:

Heterostructures based on ultrawide-bandgap (UWBG) semiconductors (bandgap
>4.0 eV), boron nitride (BN) and diamond are important for next-generation
high-power electronics. However, in-situ hetero-epitaxy of BN/diamond or
vice-versa remains extremely challenging, due to their non-trivial growth
kinetics. Here, we have grown BN thin film on (100) single crystal diamond by
pulsed laser deposition and investigated its structural and magnetic
properties, optical refractive index, and thermal conductivity. Structural
characterizations confirm the mixed (stable hexagonal and metastable cubic)
phase growth. Film shows diamagnetic behavior at room temperature. It displays
anisotropic refractive index within the visible-to-near-infrared wavelength
range. The room temperature cross-plane thermal conductivity of BN is ~1.53
W/(mK), and the thermal conductance of the BN/diamond interface is ~20
MW/(m2K). Our findings are useful for various device related applications based
on UWBG BN/diamond heterostructures.

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