Effects of the interplay between fermionic interactions and disorders in the nodal-line superconductors

Kavli Affiliate: Jing Wang

| First 5 Authors: Wen-Hao Bian, Xiao-Zhuo Chu, Jing Wang, ,

| Summary:

We study the interplay between fermion-fermion interactions and disorder
scatterings beneath the superconducting dome of noncentrosymmetric nodal-line
superconductors. With the application of renormalization group, several
interesting low-energy behaviors are extracted from the coupled equations of
all interaction parameters. At the clean limit, fermion-fermion interactions
decrease with lowering the energy scales but conversely fermion velocities
climb up and approach certain saturated values. This yields a slight decrease
or increase of the anisotropy of fermion velocities depending upon their
initial ratio. After bringing out four kinds of disorders designated by the
random charge ($Delta_{1}$), random mass ($Delta_{2}$), random axial chemical
potential ($Delta_{3}$), and spin-orbit scatterers ($Delta_{4}$) based on
their own unique features, we begin with presenting the distinct low-energy
fates of these disorders. For the presence of sole disorder, its strength
becomes either relevant ($Delta_{1,4}$) or irrelevant($Delta_{2,3}$) in the
low-energy regime. However, the competition for multiple sorts of disorders is
capable of qualitatively reshaping the low-energy properties of disorders
$Delta_{2,3,4}$. Besides, it can generate an initially absent disorder as long
as two of $Delta_{1,2,3}$ are present. In addition, the fermion-fermion
couplings are insensitive to the presence of $Delta_4$ but rather
substantially modified by $Delta_1$, $Delta_2$, or $Delta_3$, and evolve
towards zero or certain finite non-zero values under the coexistence of
distinct disorders. Furthermore, the fermion velocities flow towards certain
finite saturated value for the only presence of $Delta_{2,3}$ and vanish for
all other situations. As to their ratio, it acquires a little increase once the
disorder is subordinate to fermionic interactions, otherwise keeps some fixed

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