Neutrino Observations of LHAASO Sources: Present and Prospect

Kavli Affiliate: Zhuo Li

| First 5 Authors: Tian-Qi Huang, Zhuo Li, , ,

| Summary:

The Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory (LHAASO) observed a dozen of
gamma-ray sources with significant emission above 100 TeV, which are the
possible accelerators of PeV cosmic-rays. The neutrino observations are
required to answer whether these high energy gamma-rays are generated through
hadronic process (by cosmic-rays) or leptonic process (by electrons). We use
the Bayesian method and the ten-year (2008-2018) IceCube data to constrain the
hadronic gamma-ray flux from LHAASO sources. The current observations constrain
that the hadronic component contributes no more than ~70% to the gamma-rays
from Crab Nebula, which disfavors the hadronic origin of gamma-rays below
hundreds of TeV. For other LHAASO sources, the 90% C.L. upper limits on
hadronic gamma-ray flux are still higher than the gamma-ray flux observed. The
uncertainties due to the source extension assumption and statistical approach
are discussed quantitatively. We also evaluate the neutrino observation of
LHAASO sources in the combined search using the current and future neutrino

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