Deployed MDI-QKD and Bell-State Measurements Coexisting with Standard Internet Data and Networking Equipment

Kavli Affiliate: Wolfgang Tittel

| First 5 Authors: Remon C. Berrevoets, Thomas Middelburg, Raymond F. L. Vermeulen, Luca Della Chiesa, Federico Broggi

| Summary:

The forthcoming quantum Internet is poised to allow new applications not
possible with the conventional Internet. The ability for both quantum and
conventional networking equipment to coexist on the same fiber network would
greatly facilitate the deployment and adoption of coming quantum technology.
Most quantum networking tasks, like quantum repeaters and the connection of
quantum processors, require nodes for multi-qubit quantum measurements (often
Bell-State measurements), and their real-world coexistence with the
conventional Internet has yet to be shown. Here we field deploy an MDI-QKD
system, containing a Bell-State measurement Node, over the same fiber network
as multiple standard IP data networks, between three nearby cities in the
Netherlands. We demonstrate over 10 Gb/s data communication rates
simultaneously with our next-generation QKD system, and estimate 200 GB/s of
classical data transmission would be easily achievable without significantly
affecting QKD performance. Moreover, as the network ran autonomously for two
weeks, this shows an important step towards the coexistence and integration of
quantum networking into the existing telecommunication infrastructure.

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