Spectrally Multiplexed Hong-Ou-Mandel Interference

Kavli Affiliate: Wolfgang Tittel

| First 5 Authors: Oriol Pietx-Casas, Gustavo Castro do Amaral, Tanmoy Chakraborty, Remon Berrevoets, Thomas Middelburg

| Summary:

We explore the suitability of a Virtually-Imaged Phased Array (VIPA) as a
Spectral-to-Spatial Mode-Mapper (SSMM) for applications in quantum
communication such as a quantum repeater. To this end we demonstrate
spectrally-resolved two-photon "Hong-Ou-Mandel" (HOM) interference. Spectral
sidebands are generated on a common optical carrier and weak coherent pulses
are prepared in each spectral mode. The pulses are subsequently sent to a
beamsplitter followed by two SSMMs and two single-photon detectors, allowing us
to measure spectrally-resolved HOM interference. We show that the so-called HOM
dip can be observed in the coincidence detection pattern of matching spectral
modes with visibilities as high as 45% (with the maximum being 50%). For
unmatched modes, the visibility drops significantly, as expected. Due to the
similarity between HOM interference and a linear-optics Bell-state measurement
(BSM), this establishes this simple optical arrangement as a candidate for the
implementation of a spectrally-resolved BSM. Finally, we simulate the secret
key generation rate using current and state-of-the-art parameters in a
Measurement-Device Independent Quantum Key Distribution scenario and explore
the trade-off between rate and complexity in the context of a
spectrally-multiplexed quantum communication link.

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