Heavy long-lived coannihilation partner from inelastic Dark Matter model and its signatures at the LHC

Kavli Affiliate: Jia Liu

| First 5 Authors: Jinhui Guo, Yuxuan He, Jia Liu, Xiao-Ping Wang,

| Summary:

The coannihilation mechanism is a well-motivated alternative to the simple
thermal freeze-out mechanism, where the dark matter relic density can be
obtained through the coannihilation with a partner particle of similar mass
with dark matter. When the partner particle is neutral, the inelastic nature of
dark matter can help it to escape the direct detection limits. In this work, we
focus on the coannihilation scenario in which the annihilation cross section is
dominated by the partner-partner pair annihilation. We pay special interest on
the parameter space where the coannihilation partner is long-lived, which leads
to displaced signatures at the collider. In such case, it opens the heavy mass
parameter space for the coannihilation dark matter, comparing with those
dominated by the partner-dark matter annihilation. Specifically, we propose an
inelastic scalar dark matter model with a broken symmetry, which realizes the
domination of partner-partner pair annihilation. Then, we study two different
realizations of the coannihilation partner decay and the existing constraints
from the relic abundance, direct and indirect dark matter detection and the
collider searches. We focus on the channel that the long-lived coannihilation
partner decays to dark matter plus leptons. The high-luminosity LHC can reach
good sensitivities for such heavy dark matter and coannihilation partner around
100–700 GeV.

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