One-loop Gluon Amplitudes in AdS

Kavli Affiliate: Xinan Zhou

| First 5 Authors: Luis F. Alday, Agnese Bissi, Xinan Zhou, ,

| Summary:

We initiate the study of one-loop gluon amplitudes in AdS space. These
amplitudes were recently computed at tree level for a variety of backgrounds of
the form $AdS_{d+1} times S^3$. For concreteness, we compute the one-loop
correction to the massless gluon amplitude on $AdS_5times S^3$, which
corresponds to the four-point correlator of the flavor current multiplet in the
dual 4d $mathcal{N}=2$ SCFT. This requires solving a mixing problem that
involves tree-level amplitudes of arbitrarily massive Kaluza-Klein modes. The
final answer has the same color structure as in flat space but the dependence
on Mandelstam variables is more complicated, with logarithms replaced by
polygamma functions.

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