Acceleration and deceleration of quantum dynamics based on inter-trajectory travel with fast-forward scaling theory

Kavli Affiliate: Gary A. Steele

| First 5 Authors: Shumpei Masuda, Jacob Koenig, Gary A. Steele, ,

| Summary:

Quantum information processing requires fast manipulations of quantum systems
in order to overcome dissipative effects. We propose a method to accelerate
quantum dynamics and obtain a target state in a shorter time relative to
unmodified dynamics, and apply the theory to a system consisting of two
linearly coupled qubits. We extend the technique to accelerate quantum
adiabatic evolution in order to rapidly generate a desired target state,
thereby realizing a shortcut to adiabaticity. Further, we address experimental
limitations to the rate of change of control parameters for quantum devices
which often limit one’s ability to generate a desired target state with high
fidelity. We show that an initial state following decelerated dynamics can
reach a target state while varying control parameters more slowly, enabling
more experimentally feasible driving schemes.

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