The obliquity of HIP 67522 b: a 17 Myr old transiting hot Jupiter-sized planet

Kavli Affiliate: Andrew M. Vanderburg

| First 5 Authors: Alexis Heitzmann, George Zhou, Samuel N. Quinn, Stephen C. Marsden, Duncan Wright

| Summary:

HIP 67522 b is a 17 Myr old, close-in ($P_{orb} = 6.96$ d), Jupiter-sized ($R
= 10,R_{oplus}$) transiting planet orbiting a Sun like star in the Sco-Cen OB
association. We present our measurement of the system’s projected orbital
obliquity via two spectroscopic transit observations using the CHIRON
spectroscopic facility. We present a global model that accounts for large
surface brightness features typical of such young stars during spectroscopic
transit observations. With a value of $|lambda| = 5.8^{+2.8,circ}_{-5.7}$,
it is unlikely that this well-aligned system is the result of a high
eccentricity driven migration history. By being the youngest planet with a
known obliquity, HIP 67522 b holds a special place in contributing to our
understanding of giant planet formation and evolution. Our analysis shows the
feasibility of such measurements for young and very active stars.

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