PSR J2030+4415’s Remarkable Bow Shock, PWN and Filament

Kavli Affiliate: Roger W. Romani

| First 5 Authors: Martijn de Vries, Roger W. Romani, , ,

| Summary:

We report on new X-ray and optical observations of PSR J2030+4415, a
Gamma-ray Pulsar with an H$alpha$ bow shock. These data reveal the velocity
structure of the bow shock apex and resolve unusual X-ray structure in its
interior. In addition the system displays a very long, thin filament, extending
at least $5^prime$ at $sim 130^circ$ to the pulsar motion vector. Careful
astrometry, compared with a short archival exposure, detects the pulsar proper
motion at 85 mas yr$^{-1}$. With the H$alpha$ velocity structure this allows
us to estimate the distance as $0.75$ kpc.

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