Bayesian Neural Networks at Scale: A Performance Analysis and Pruning Study

Kavli Affiliate: Elise Jennings

| First 5 Authors: Himanshu Sharma, Elise Jennings, , ,

| Summary:

Bayesian neural Networks (BNNs) are a promising method of obtaining
statistical uncertainties for neural network predictions but with a higher
computational overhead which can limit their practical usage. This work
explores the use of high performance computing with distributed training to
address the challenges of training BNNs at scale. We present a performance and
scalability comparison of training the VGG-16 and Resnet-18 models on a
Cray-XC40 cluster. We demonstrate that network pruning can speed up inference
without accuracy loss and provide an open source software package,
{it{BPrune}} to automate this pruning. For certain models we find that pruning
up to 80% of the network results in only a 7.0% loss in accuracy. With the
development of new hardware accelerators for Deep Learning, BNNs are of
considerable interest for benchmarking performance. This analysis of training a
BNN at scale outlines the limitations and benefits compared to a conventional
neural network.

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