Josephson current via an isolated Majorana zero mode

Kavli Affiliate: Michael Wimmer

| First 5 Authors: Chun-Xiao Liu, Bernard van Heck, Michael Wimmer, ,

| Summary:

We study the equilibrium dc Josephson current in a junction between an
$s$-wave and a topological superconductor. Cooper pairs from the $s$-wave
superconducting lead can transfer to the topological side either via an
unpaired Majorana zero mode localized near the junction, or via the above-gap
continuum states. We find that the Majorana contribution to the supercurrent
can be switched on when time-reversal symmetry in the conventional lead is
broken, e.g., by an externally applied magnetic field inducing a Zeeman
splitting. Moreover, if the magnetic field has a component in the direction of
the effective spin-orbit field, there will be a Majorana-induced anomalous
supercurrent at zero phase difference. This behavior may serve as a signature
characteristic of Majorana zero modes, and is accessible to devices with only
superconducting contacts.

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