Core collapse in massive scalar-tensor gravity

Kavli Affiliate: Ulrich Sperhake

| First 5 Authors: Roxana Rosca-Mead, Ulrich Sperhake, Christopher J. Moore, Michalis Agathos, Davide Gerosa

| Summary:

This paper provides an extended exploration of the inverse-chirp
gravitational-wave signals from stellar collapse in massive scalar-tensor
gravity reported in [Phys. Rev. Lett. {bf 119}, 201103]. We systematically
explore the parameter space that characterizes the progenitor stars, the
equation of state and the scalar-tensor theory of the core collapse events. We
identify a remarkably simple and straightforward classification scheme of the
resulting collapse events. For any given set of parameters, the collapse leads
to one of three end states, a weakly scalarized neutron star, a strongly
scalarized neutron star or a black hole, possibly formed in multiple stages.
The latter two end states can lead to strong gravitational-wave signals that
may be detectable in present continuous-wave searches with ground-based
detectors. We identify a very sharp boundary in the parameter space that
separates events with strong gravitational-wave emission from those with
negligible radiation.

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