Fingerprints of the Strong Interaction between Monolayer MoS2 and Gold

Kavli Affiliate: Hector D. Abruna

| First 5 Authors: Matej Velicky, Alvaro Rodriguez, Milan Bousa, Andrey V. Krayev, Martin Vondracek

| Summary:

Gold-mediated exfoliation of MoS2 has attracted considerable interest in the
recent years. A strong interaction between MoS2 and Au facilitates preferential
production of centimeter-sized monolayer MoS2 with near-unity yield and
provides a heterostructure system noteworthy from a fundamental standpoint.
However, little is known about the detailed nature of the MoS2-Au interaction
and its evolution with the MoS2 thickness. Here, we identify specific
vibrational and binding energy fingerprints of such strong interaction using
Raman and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, which indicate substantial strain
and charge-transfer in monolayer MoS2. Near-field tip-enhanced Raman
spectroscopy reveals heterogeneity of the MoS2-Au interaction at the nanoscale,
reflecting the spatial non-conformity between the two materials. Far-field
micro-Raman spectroscopy shows that this interaction is strongly affected by
the roughness and cleanliness of the underlying Au. Our results elucidate the
nature of the strong MoS2-Au interaction and provide guidance for strain and
charge doping engineering of MoS2.

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