Reply to Robinson and Michaud, arXiv:2002.08893

Kavli Affiliate: Noah Kurinsky

| First 5 Authors: Noah Kurinsky, Daniel Baxter, Yonatan Kahn, Gordan Krnjaic, Peter Abbamonte

| Summary:

We respond to Robinson and Michaud’s (RM) comment (arXiv:2002.08893) on our
recent preprint arXiv:2002.06937, in which we discuss recent excesses in
low-threshold dark matter searches, and offer a potential unifying dark matter
interpretation. We thank RM for their feedback, which highlights the critical
need for future measurements to directly calibrate plasmon charge yields for
low $sim$ 10 eV energy depositions. RM objected to our assertion that plasmons
generated at energy scales below 100~eV may have a large branching fraction
into phonons. As we argue below, the points raised by RM do not invalidate our
primary conclusions, as they pertain to a much different energy scale than we
discuss in our paper.

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