Fermionic minimal models

Kavli Affiliate: Yuji Tachikawa

| First 5 Authors: Chang-Tse Hsieh, Yu Nakayama, Yuji Tachikawa, ,

| Summary:

We show that there is a fermionic minimal model, i.e. a 1+1d conformal field
theory which contains operators of half-integral spins in its spectrum, for
each $c=1-6/m(m+1)$, $mge 3$. This generalizes the Majorana fermion for
$c=1/2$, $m=3$ and the smallest $mathcal{N}{=}1$ supersymmetric minimal model
for $c=7/10$, $m=4$. We provide explicit Hamiltonians on Majorana chains
realizing these fermionic minimal models.

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