Quantum Detection using Magnetic Avalanches in Single-Molecule Magnets

Kavli Affiliate: Giorgio Gratta

| First 5 Authors: Hao Chen, Rupak Mahapatra, Glenn Agnolet, Michael Nippe, Minjie Lu

| Summary:

The detection of a single quantum of energy with high efficiency and low
false positive rate is of considerable scientific interest, from serving as
single quantum sensors of optical and infra-red photons to enabling the direct
detection of low-mass dark matter. We report the first experimental
demonstration of magnetic avalanches induced by scattering of quanta in
single-molecule magnet (SMM) crystals made of Mn12-acetate, establishing the
use of SMMs as particle detectors for the first time. While the current setup
has an energy threshold in the MeV regime, our results motivate the exploration
of a wide variety of SMMs whose properties could allow for detection of sub-eV
energy depositions.

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