Observation of an antiferromagnetic quantum critical point in high-purity LaNiO$_3$

Kavli Affiliate: Clarence Chang

| First 5 Authors: Changjiang Liu, Vincent F. C. Humbert, Terence Bretz-Sullivan, Gensheng Wang, Deshun Hong

| Summary:

Amongst the rare-earth perovskite nickelates, LaNiO$_3$ (LNO) is an
exception. While the former have insulating and antiferromagnetic ground
states, LNO remains metallic and non-magnetic down to the lowest temperatures.
It is believed that LNO is a strange metal, on the verge of an
antiferromagnetic instability. Our work suggests that LNO is a quantum critical
metal, close to an antiferromagnetic quantum critical point (QCP). The QCP
behavior in LNO is manifested in epitaxial thin films with unprecedented high
purities. We find that the temperature and magnetic field dependences of the
resistivity of LNO at low temperatures are consistent with scatterings of
charge carriers from weak disorder and quantum fluctuations of an
antiferromagnetic nature. Furthermore, we find that the introduction of a small
concentration of magnetic impurities qualitatively changes the magnetotransport
properties of LNO, resembling that found in some heavy-fermion Kondo lattice
systems in the vicinity of an antiferromagnetic QCP.

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