Elastic properties of hidden order in URu$_{text2}$Si$_{text2}$ are reproduced by a staggered nematic

Kavli Affiliate: Brad Ramshaw

| First 5 Authors: Jaron Kent-Dobias, Michael Matty, Brad Ramshaw, ,

| Summary:

We develop a phenomenological mean field theory describing the hidden order
phase in URu$_{text2}$Si$_{text2}$ as a nematic of the $text B_{text{1g}}$
representation staggered along the $c$-axis. Several experimental features are
reproduced by this theory: the topology of the temperature–pressure phase
diagram, the response of the elastic modulus $(C_{11}-C_{12})/2$ above the
transition at ambient pressure, and orthorhombic symmetry breaking in the
high-pressure antiferromagnetic phase. In this scenario, hidden order is
characterized by broken rotational symmetry that is modulated along the
$c$-axis, the primary order of the high-pressure phase is an unmodulated
nematic, and the triple point joining those two phases with the
high-temperature paramagnetic phase is a Lifshitz point.

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