Future Opportunities in Accelerator-based Neutrino Physics

Kavli Affiliate: Masayuki Nakahata

| First 5 Authors: Andrea Dell’Acqua, Antoni Aduszkiewicz, Markus Ahlers, Hiroaki Aihara, Tyler Alion

| Summary:

This document summarizes the conclusions of the Neutrino Town Meeting held at
CERN in October 2018 to review the neutrino field at large with the aim of
defining a strategy for accelerator-based neutrino physics in Europe. The
importance of the field across its many complementary components is stressed.
Recommendations are presented regarding the accelerator based neutrino physics,
pertinent to the European Strategy for Particle Physics. We address in
particular i) the role of CERN and its neutrino platform, ii) the importance of
ancillary neutrino cross-section experiments, and iii) the capability of fixed
target experiments as well as present and future high energy colliders to
search for the possible manifestations of neutrino mass generation mechanisms.

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