Pulling the Boundary into the Bulk

Kavli Affiliate: Yasunori Nomura

| First 5 Authors: Yasunori Nomura, Pratik Rath, Nico Salzetta, ,

| Summary:

Motivated by the ability to consistently apply the Ryu-Takayanagi
prescription for general convex surfaces and the relationship between
entanglement and geometry in tensor networks, we introduce a novel, covariant
bulk object – the holographic slice. The holographic slice is found by
considering the continual removal of short range information in a boundary
state. It thus provides a natural interpretation as the bulk dual of a series
of coarse-grained holographic states. The slice possesses many desirable
properties that provide consistency checks for its boundary interpretation.
These include monotonicity of both area and entanglement entropy, uniqueness,
and the inability to probe beyond late-time black hole horizons. Additionally,
the holographic slice illuminates physics behind entanglement shadows, as
minimal area extremal surfaces anchored to a coarse-grained boundary may probe
entanglement shadows. This lets the slice flow through shadows. To aid in
developing intuition for these slices, many explicit examples of holographic
slices are investigated. Finally, the relationship to tensor networks and
renormalization (particularly in AdS/CFT) is discussed.

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