Soft self-assembly of Weyl materials for light and sound

Kavli Affiliate: Ulrich Wiesner

| First 5 Authors: Michel Fruchart, Seung-Yeol Jeon, Kahyun Hur, Vadim Cheianov, Ulrich Wiesner

| Summary:

Soft materials can self-assemble into highly structured phases which
replicate at the mesoscopic scale the symmetry of atomic crystals. As such,
they offer an unparalleled platform to design mesostructured materials for
light and sound. Here, we present a bottom-up approach based on self-assembly
to engineer three-dimensional photonic and phononic crystals with topologically
protected Weyl points. In addition to angular and frequency selectivity of
their bulk optical response, Weyl materials are endowed with topological
surface states, which allows for the existence of one-way channels even in the
presence of time-reversal invariance. Using a combination of group-theoretical
methods and numerical simulations, we identify the general symmetry constraints
that a self-assembled structure has to satisfy in order to host Weyl points,
and describe how to achieve such constraints using a symmetry-driven pipeline
for self-assembled material design and discovery. We illustrate our general
approach using block copolymer self-assembly as a model system.

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